We were blessed with another fabulous Windwise week in Rhodes!

Windwise Prasonisi July 2022


Stunning flat water, blistering blasting, super smooth gybertorium, racks of Severne kit, gorgeous local tavernas, sunset beers, Mediterranean moon light, Mojito bars and gybe after gybe after gybe! Yes, it has to be Windwise in Prasonisi!   

We had a truly fabulous blast in Prasonisi, with stunning conditions all week and a great bunch of dedicated Windwise Warriors. We did run after blistering run across the super flat bay, which provided perfect conditions for some Windwise training ensuring some fabulous progress and great work by everyone who joined us!


Prasonisi 24th Sept-1st Oct 2022

We are heading back to Prasonisi 24th Sept-1st Oct 2022. However, that week is currently fully reserved - but do get on the cancellation list just in case someone drops out and we can contact you - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.


windwise prasonisi-14

Balasz Szladovits cranks yet another corner with full planing exits!


windwise prasonisi-16 

Nick South started windsurfing in Sept 2021 - Here is is carving gybing.... in July 2022!!! No guessing who won Windwise Sailor Of The Week! 


windwise prasonisi-26

Ashley Piele steals my Severne Psycho & Blade 4.7 for yet another gybe. 


windwise prasonisi-27

Chris Perry locking it down on yet another Dyno day! 


windwise prasonisi-1.1

You're all amazing! Thank you team Windwise in Prasonisi 2022!


Thank you so much for  joining us - see you next year in Aug-Sept 2023!!

Here's some more images of our amazing Windwise clients giving it everything on the water. Also, a big thank you to our hosts at the Prasonisi Center for providing all the fabulous kit and wonderful atmosphere on and off the water. We look forward to being back in Sept 2022! Get on list for any cancellations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2023 Book Early!

We're heading back to 'Pras' and will be adding dates for Aug-Sept 2023. We'll have exact dates as soon as EasyJet announce their flight schedules for 2023. So get on the first shout list to reserve your place!


This is what you can do!

Here's some shots from the Windwise crew Prasonisi style! Everyday was a Dyno Day!