UK Skills Training Sessions

UK Skills Training Sessions

Progression Guaranteed 1 & 2 Day Tune Ups

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Improver-Intermediate Windsurfing Courses, Clinics & Coaching

These UK windsurfing courses are designed to take people through the key stages of the sport.

Our unique windsurf coaching style runs through beach starts, waterstarts, harnessing, footstraps, stance, early planing, tacks, non-planing and planing gybe techniques and all the core WINDWISE skills to ensure you get to polish up your understanding, muscle memory and overall ability! Plus, as ever we deal with any requests to help with other techniques you're trying to overcome or develop.

Our unique, proven skills training methodology will develop and help you master the core windsurfing skills.


Course Type
Location Course Type Price
Windsurfing FOILING

Starts: Fri 26th May 2023
Finishes: : Fri 26th May 2023

1 Day Clinic

£ 139.00 each
Hayling Freeride Clinic @ HISC

Starts: Sun 4th June 2023
Finishes: : Sun 4th June 2023

1 Day Clinic

£ 129.00 each
Hayling Freeride 4 Day Adventure

Starts: Thu 10th August 2023
Finishes: : Sun 13th August 2023

Improver / Intermediate

£ 399.00 each