Ride A Small, Medium or Large Wave

Ride A Small, Medium or Large Wave

Join our Cornwall, Tenerife or Mauritius Adventures

Crack Your Carves & More!

Crack Your Carves & More!

Courses for improver-intermediate and advanced sailors

Grab some fresh air!

Grab some fresh air!

Learn how to jump and fly...

1-2-1 Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

Instant feedback and fine details revealed

Close up video and photography

Close up video and photography

We will capture you at your best

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Why Windwise?

Making the difference

At WINDWISE we offer you far more than regular windsurfing instruction or clinic. Our incredibly personalised coaching style and Windwise Skills Training System will have a massive impact on your progress and vastly extend your windsurfing knowledge. Plus we seek to give you the best customer service and some truly memorable windsurfing experiences.

Here’s some of the reasons that set us apart…


You’re getting the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of one of the worlds most experienced coaches. Simon Bornhoft has personally coached well over 6,000 windsurfers. He’s seen, tried and coached just about every single windsurfing style, tip and technique out there. SB’s intuitive ability to instantly identify where things are going wrong, is matched by the ability and desire to give you the exact solution, skill set and the quickest progression path to match your level, style and aspirations. We also show you the best places to sail in the UK and after running over 400 clinics we have a pretty good idea on the very best overseas windsurfing locations.

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Our Clients Are Amazing!

We are truly grateful to have such amazing clients, we seem to attract really great people and it’s their effort, contribution, highs, lows and determination to have a great time on and off the water on our courses and holidays that make WINDWISE all that is has become. It’s their enthusiasm, passion, sense of fun and adventure that allows us to add in the special WINDWISE ingredients.  

See what our clients have to say!

Checkout our Client Comments to see why we get an incredibly high success rate and number of repeat clients. 

Success & Individual Attention

We work incredibly closely with you to help you succeed and have various different approaches to suit each individual. You are not just another person in a group - we are with you all the way and have built long-term progression paths with many clients. Nothing goes un-noticed and we use the Windwise Skills Training System to suit your specific style and produce maximum progression and ease on the water.


Coaching systems

Our unique Windwise Skills Training System ensures you’re learning the absolutely definitive windsurfing skills that link the whole sport and will stay with you throughout your windsurfing career. Simon Bornhoft produced the RYA coaching system and has produced features and books all over the world. Due to our extensive experience WINDWISE takes the learning process to another level with our Windwise Skills Training System uses very specific exercises, drills and fun skills to accelerate progression by targeting exactly what works for you. We break down the whole sport into simpler sections and linking skills, so that you get to see, it feel it and most importantly DO IT!. We totally believe in your potential and seek to bring the best out of you! Whether that is sneaky short cuts or to break through sticky plateaus we are with you all the way!


Much More Than Just Coaching

Alongside the highest standards we set with our Windwise Skills Training System we always try to offer additional socials, adventures and you’ll be invited to our bi-annual Boards & Bands party. On our overseas courses we’re sailing with you and running the trip 24-7 to give you a really special holiday. So expect as much coaching and windsurfing as you like, some personal freesail time and an amazing Windwise windsurfing holiday experience. We have extensive local knowledge, guidance and assistant, ensuring you’re in the right place at the right time and how to sail locations safely.


We seek to give you the best Windwise Skills Training System, plus show you secret locations, superb eateries, the coolest bars and take you to places that you’d never normally see. We've had countless adventures and ‘trips of a life time’ for clients, their friends and non-windsurfing partners (who are always welcome). So expect accelerated progression and a fabulous time!

Video & Photography

Having made numerous brochure shoots, articles, books, videos, TV commercials & TV shows, we can provide the very best in professional video and photography to capture your technique and Windwise memories. You'll get the best windsurfing shots ever from Simon Bornhoft and from Kate Ocean Photography. We've published our photography in magazines all over the world and shot some stunning images in gorgeous places, so we're sure we can capture you in your finest moment! 


Service & Support

Before, during and after our WINDWISE course, holiday, clinic or coaching, we extend our expertise and support to you and we’re always happy to assist you with any aspect of your windsurfing - any any time! Be that kit advice, quiver choice, travel, technique or just a catch up get in touch and help you with any aspect of your windsurfing. 


History & Future

We’ve been accelerating progression for over 25 years and still have great passion and plans for the future. We promise to do all we can to dramatically enhance your windsurfing and we look forward to seeing you on the water very soon. It's never too late to learn and get even more out of this great sport!

I'd love to sail with you and I hope to see you on the water soon!